One-to-One Telemarketing Training & Mentoring

Are your salespeople hiding behind email through fear of picking up the phone?

As an expert with 30 years of experience providing telephone lead generation for the IT Industry (and still doing this today), our founder Teresa helps sales and business development teams overcome the many familiar challenges with telemarketing.

Lack of confidence can cause reluctance to make calls, so understanding what influences this plays a significant part in effective telemarketing: technology confrontation, objection handling, or fear of just saying the right thing.

Creating customised, refreshing and engaging sessions that focus on the individual’s needs improves assurance and competence.  Ultimately, assisting the company by boosting results and productivity to achieve the desired goals.

Outgoing calls: Effective telemarketing can be challenging and often boils down to confidence, planning, and the use of both practical and logical techniques which can mean all the difference between no contact and a two-way conversation.  Covering topics from call preparation, reaching the decision-maker, objection handling and call engagement – with any level of contact.  One to one training and mentoring can improve your telephone outreach immediately, increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and achieve the best outcome from every call you make!

Incoming calls: Inbound calls can also be sales opportunities you can’t afford to miss.  Looking at the types of calls received with focus on call handling skills to develop confidence with providing the customer with the right answers and making them feel valued.  Recognising when to respond proactively on a call through qualification methods to be sure nothing is overlooked. Improve your customer interaction and response rates through calls being answered confidently and productively.

Preparation: Both types of calls involve some administration, and a crib sheet can be a disadvantage, making a proactive call sound very scripted.  Often you can tell if a caller is reading, so the use of a prompt sheet is encouraged, which we can also prepare. Covering essential information forms the structure for both outgoing and incoming calls and acts as a valuable template to ensure pertinent information is presented and captured on each call.

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