IT Telemarketing & Business Development Services

Inside sales working from the outside, a valuable extension of your business without the overhead costs!

Lead Generation

Utilising digital marketing methods (particularly LinkedIn) and direct outbound telemarketing to raise brand and profile awareness.  Combining sales outreach activities with telephone follow up makes this a powerful combination.

Lead Nurturing

The next step after lead generation for opportunities identified as long term.  Nurturing and supporting your prospect, building rapport through to the buying stage.  Our qualification methods determine if prospects fit the agreed criteria of sales qualified leads.

Email Marketing

Utilising a combination of digital marketing methods with email and LinkedIn to clarify and connect with your target audience.

Data Services

Data Cleansing, Data Enhancement and Account Profiling (this can identify key decision makers or detailed information such as contract renewal dates).

Channel Partner Recruitment

Can assist with building or enhancing your existing channel. Classifying potential channel partners, we are adept at identifying key decision-makers responsible for their technology and service portfolio.

Event Recruitment & Feedback

Inviting suppliers, clients and prospects, briefing them on the agenda and highlighting the benefits of attending.  A couple of days pre-event confirming registrants.  The aim is to reduce “no shows” whilst reminding and reinforcing your interest in them.

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