Lead Generation – What has changed in 20 Years?

2002 to 2022 – What has changed with Lead Generation?

Digital marketing has evolved with social media platforms, blogs, videos, search engines and online ads. 

All are highly effective but remain reliant on the target audience’s response.

Combining proactive telephone outreach, with any of the above methods makes a powerful combination.

The power of a 2-way conversation with prospects can never be underestimated and is why the traditional method of Telemarketing still plays a vital role in B2B marketing today.

Telemarketing Tips:

  • Yes, people are difficult to reach – some remain guarded – yet people DO still answer their phones.
  • Communication is essential but done in the right way yields results.
  • With so many marketing alternatives, it’s easy to dismiss the phone, especially if anxiety plays a part.
  • Lack of confidence, fear of rejection or worry of technology confrontation impacts how you come across.

✔️ Call planning, preparation and research helps – do your homework.

✔️ Understanding and simplifying technology to communicate is vital, so is remembering you don’t need to know everything!

✔️ Be friendly and honest, questions you receive show curiosity and an opportunity for follow-up.

✔️ Finally, rejection can be for a good reason, recognising a “NO NEVER” or “NO FOR NOW” can make a difference between moving on and a pipeline lead.

Job titles evolve

Intelligent Telemarketing is a door opener whilst Business Development – takes the process further – Both fulfil the functions of Internal Sales!

If you would like to improve your Lead Generation through Telemarketing, New Business Development or Training to empower your salespeople (BDR’s/SDR’s) to use the phone confidently, please do get in touch – 03301289991 or email info@telem4u.co.uk

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