About Us

A note from Teresa – Founder

It’s hard to believe I’ve spent 30 years in the IT industry in sales, account management, and telemarketing.

In 2002 I formed TELE M4U.  Over the last two decades, fast-growing start-ups to some of the IT industry’s most prominent technology firms have all benefited from our specialised skills in B2B telemarketing lead generation.

When asked what my job exactly entails, the responses range from: “So it’s you who phone me out of hours trying to sell me something” or “cold calling” I can’t think of anything worse!

Whilst B2B telemarketing is significantly different from B2C telemarketing, unfortunately, both continue to have a poor reputation due to unethical practices.  The companies I work with are all passionate about their brands and recognise effective telemarketing requires a professional approach – my sole reason for forming TELE M4U.

I also provide ‘1-2-1’ telemarketing training and mentoring directly.  With having spent my whole professional life on the phone, I’m familiar with the challenges telemarketing can present, as well as the best strategies to overcome them.  I understand approaches and techniques to help a person feel confident and competent on the phone.  I’m not a ‘trained’ trainer – I’m a telemarketing professional with an accumulated set of skills, motivation and personality, in a great position to get the best results from others.

It’s so enriching helping businesses and individuals increase productivity.  Over the last 30 years, I’ve built and managed two telemarketing teams providing training, consultancy and mentoring. I’ve executed numerous successful campaigns for innovative technology companies across the UK, EMEA, and USA.

I’m incredibly enthused about my work and proud of the results achieved.  It’s not a job for everyone and requires confidence, honesty and integrity.  Most importantly, showing a genuine interest in the prospect without taking rejection personally.

I’m not just a telemarketer for my business, I represent my client, so my success ensures their success.

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