Our Approach and Why Us?

Well, we could spend ages answering this, but probably the best answer is to call and see for yourself.  What better way is there than to talk directly?


Firstly a needs assessment and development plan is created.  Content is tailored depending on specific requirements and individual experience.  From overcoming the fear factor of picking up the phone (call reluctance) to working on approaches and techniques to gain confidence.  Many other topics include call planning and preparation, reaching and engaging with decision-makers, questioning, objection handling, qualifying and closing.

Refreshing and engaging sessions are all created and delivered with ongoing support to increase competence, confidence and results.

Why Us?  With 30 years of personal telemarketing experience in the IT industry and still actively involved in projects today, our founder Teresa offers a unique service of ‘one to one’ training and mentoring.  Her knowledge and understanding of best strategies to overcome challenges often faced with telemarketing into the IT sector can make an impressive impact on both performance and results.  Our costs are transparent with no set-up fee, charging an hourly rate for training and consultancy.


Our long term methodology for onboarding telemarketing projects incorporates an interactive and comprehensive briefing session and trial (pilot).  Understanding your company’s core values and goals is especially important to us.  The following is a base template of information we capture on our briefing: Company overview, products, services, features, benefits, competition, differentiators, target audience and your key objectives.

The trial (pilot) can provide a proof of concept on our work from interaction, communication and reporting, along with creating a benchmark for results moving forward.  Be mindful of anyone assuring guaranteed results.  It’s easy to give poorly qualified leads to meet expectations.

WHY US?  Each customer is different, leading to a varied approach. Recruiting and retaining excellent salespeople can be expensive and challenging.  Having worked with innovative companies, from start-ups to leading global technology vendors,  we are accustomed to grasping technologies and the concepts,  hitting the ground running.  Our costs are transparent with no set-up fee, charging a set daily rate for our telemarketing services.


ACCURACY – Data is the foundation of any lead generation campaign.  Research suggests 30% of records in B2B contact data records become inaccurate each year, which also applies online.  It doesn’t matter how talented we are; if we are not calling the correct contact/company, it becomes an uphill struggle with little or no reward.  Accuracy is vital.

ALLIANCE – Time is set aside for a comprehensive briefing session to understand your business with a clear and concise knowledge of objectives and criteria…we share the same goal!  As a direct representation of you, we are the seamless extension arm of your sales team.  We have a proven methodology that works to get you results in the right way, keeping you informed with regular updates and reports.

APPROACH – This is crucial – confidence, concern, credibility, competence, conviction and control – all play a part in intelligent telemarketing.  We don’t use scripts but instead a prompt (tailored from our briefing), which includes key elements: objectives, open questions, benefits, differentiators, opening the door for a two-way conversation.

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