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Recruiting resellers is vital for new business development, and as either a vendor or distributor  TELE M4U can assist you with building or enhancing your existing channel. With over seventeen years’ experience TELE M4U is ideally placed to promote your products, technology and services effectively by identifying the key decision makers responsible for their product portfolio.

TELE M4U’s knowledge of the IT channel and technology sector makes them ideally positioned to raise awareness for any product or service with a technical concept. Complex briefs are grasped quickly and then efficiently integrated into a telemarketing campaign.

There are many companies who rely on the renewal of ongoing subscriptions – maintenance contracts. It is surprising how once the contract is in place this can be overlooked. It’s often said a new customer is ten times more difficult to recruit than to retain. Telemarketing can therefore be crucial for prompting existing customers who are about to, or have already lapsed on a renewal for their warranty or maintenance contract. A strategically timed courtesy call can assist with the retention of existing customers.

This is one of the most efficient methods of not losing out on an opportunity which has been identified as “longer term” due to simply not having the time or in house resources. TELE M4U will regularly call your prospects and build a rapport with them to ensure their buying intentions still remain warm. Companies who sell high value products or tend to have a long life cycle will benefit from this service.

At the preparation stage maximum and minimum objectives are set as part of the call criteria. TELE M4U will then engage with your specified contacts to verify they have responsibility for the product or service portfolio. Prospects are then profiled in terms of their current situation and their interest in your proposition, gaining vital information such as size, budget, timescales, and of course, anything else pertinent to your campaign. The feedback from each call is detailed in a comments section for you to review, and immediate opportunities are highlighted for priority action.

By simply commissioning an effective telemarketing campaign, following a targeted direct mail shot, you can double your response rate. Campaigns which are timed between one and four days after the mailer arrives, decreases the chance of deletion or filing. This also increases the likelihood of it actually being read. By following up, TELE M4U can ensure if the intended recipient is still in place and as a result has received the mailer. The mail shot’s message is then communicated on a more personal level and ultimately not only is further awareness created but interest can also be identified.

Exhibiting at a show, holding a corporate event, running a conference or even just putting on a webinar still all comes down to time and money. To ensure you get return on your investment TELE M4U will call to invite and confirm attendance of suppliers, clients and prospects, ensuring all attendees have full knowledge on the event, its purpose, and most importantly the benefits to them of attending. A couple of days before the event TELE M4U can telephone registered delegates to confirm their attendance. The objective of this is to reduce “no shows” whilst reminding them of the event and reinforcing your interest in them.

After the event TELE M4U can contact all delegates to gain feedback and establish requirements. There are always some “no shows” and so this is an opportune time to also follow up these contacts to identify their initial interest in registering and to invite them to a future event.

Research suggests that 30% of the records in a B2B database become inaccurate each year. By providing TELE M4U with your prospect database, we will call, verify and change where necessary, every piece of contact information you have. We refresh address details, capture email addresses and insert additional and replacement contacts to enable your database to become a powerful foundation for the start of that marketing campaign!

If you are investing time and money in an exhibition or trade fair, it is vital you get it right! The staff chosen to represent your company are crucial to your success. What’s the point of investing in the stand itself, but then only being reactive and relying on who comes by? Communication with visitors can start from 20 feet away and you may get just a few seconds to get their attention. How many times have you been to an exhibition as a visitor yourself, been approached with a polite hello, asked if your name badge can be scanned and that’s where the conversation has ended? By using the same proactive skills as on the telephone, not only can TELE M4U assist with stand representation, but can engage in a two way ‘qualification’ conversation with visitors, so you have a better understanding of their potential interest and reasons for visiting the exhibition.

TELE M4U can assist organisations who are looking to set up their own in house telemarketing team. This can be from the selection process for the team, right through to setting policies, procedures and offering on going guidance once the team is in place. For existing in house telemarketing teams, TELE M4U can offer a consultative service which will incorporate call monitoring and consultancy on a one to one basis with each team member.

TELE M4U can contact customer service helplines, reception, helpdesk, sales teams or any other department within your organisation to find out what experiences existing and prospective clients have. By gaining an understanding directly from you, we can accurately quantify any aspect from product knowledge, service delivery, and compliance with company policy e.g. using specific questioning techniques. The aim of this service is to provide continuous improvement and staff performance management.

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