Below are some frequently asked questions we have received from prospective clients of TELE M4U.

Our products and services are of a technically complex nature. Could TELE M4U cope with this?

TELE M4U was established in 2002 to specifically assist organisations within the IT and emerging technology sector. We are adept at quickly grasping a full understanding of complex briefs.

Do I have to book a minimum number of days?

No minimum booking is required.

What is the implementation fee?

With all of our pilots we do not charge any implementation fees – we have a simple pricing structure of a daily rate.

How can I be sure that TELE M4U understands my objectives?

With TELE M4U you deal direct – there is no middle man/woman and therefore there can be no breakdown in communication or misunderstanding of objectives.

How can we tell if the campaign was effective?

TELE M4U provide concise daily reporting to enable you to see all the statistics relevant to your campaign, including number of calls, priority actions and leads generated as a result. At the end of the campaign a full report is provided outlining all immediate and future opportunities.

What guarantee do you offer?

Of course we cannot guarantee the response to a telemarketing campaign.  However at TELE M4U we believe our extensive client base, activity levels and personalised delivery speak for themselves, and are a testament to the success of our service.

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