TELE M4U was established in 2002 to provide business to business telemarketing services for the technology sector.  Located in Ely, Cambridgeshire but operating nationally, TELE M4U was formed by Teresa Locke, a highly motivated IT channel sales professional with an extensive sales and telemarketing background in the IT Sector.

Teresa has always recognised the difficulties and high costs associated with recruiting and retaining good sales people.  Over the last ten years, Teresa has successfully implemented and overseen numerous freelance telemarketing campaigns. By working with TELE M4U companies ranging from fast growing start-up businesses to leading global technology vendors have all benefited from our specialised skills and experience.  Employing a telemarketer directly would have cost them significantly more.

Just some of the benefits of working with TELE M4U:

Cost Saving – No recruitment costs and no management/implementation fees

The cost of setting up an in-house telemarketing team is high. Firstly there is recruitment to consider; then the on-going requirement for staff training and most importantly staff retention.  There are the overall equipment costs to consider; from telephones, line rental and call charges, IT software and hardware, along with the on-going maintenance required and of course office space can also be expensive. Utilising an outsourced telemarketing solution gives you access to leading edge technology without any of this cost.

Improved Productivity –  Enabling you to focus on your core business

As an extension to your sales and marketing team, by outsourcing your telemarketing, it gives you the freedom to concentrate on other key areas within your business, whilst having total assurance your objectives are being met by a dedicated and skilled professional telemarketer.

Flexibility – You decide how long you need us

Utilising the services of telemarketing, when required, enables you to save money during quieter spells when business initiatives do not warrant a campaign. TELE M4U can set up campaigns very quickly, as and when needed and have the expertise to run a project at whatever length you specify.

Set Up Process 

To provide successful telemarketing, TELE M4U does not use ‘crib sheets’ as these are a disadvantage and make a proactive call sound very scripted. Time is set aside at the beginning of each campaign to gain a clear understanding of your objectives and an A4 Prompt is prepared. This covers key elements from purpose, benefits, competition and references.

Reporting & Feedback 

TELE M4U provides a written report on a daily basis providing analysis on all calls made.  From this you can clearly identify the breakdown of number of calls, to connections with the correct contacts in the target data. With all telemarketing the information is also updated at the same time, so you will also gain an update of number of contacts removed/added as a result.  In addition to this, copious amounts of feedback are provided within a ‘comments section’ which you can then refer to, providing you with full knowledge of the call from start to finish.

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